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Life as a Masterpiece


Time is a limited resource. We all only have a certain number of minutes, hours, and days to turn our dreams into a reality. Stop wasting precious moments and start putting your mind, body, and spirit into achieving your full potential.

After a car accident almost claimed her life, Cathy Christen decided to devote her passion and talents to helping others get their goals out of their heads, enact their desires, understand their importance, use their setbacks as fuel, and plan for their ideal life. In Life as a Masterpiece, she draws on inspiring true stories and simple exercises, habits, and schedules to jump-start you on your path toward fulfillment- from discovering your vision, to crafting your masterplan, to solidifying your success. 

Despite life's ups and downs, you can elevate to your highest potential. It's time to make a change- and embark on the most rewarding journey of your life.


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