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Solidify Your Business Idea

I’ve met thousands of individuals who’ve aspired to start businesses without a solidified business idea. Sometimes they had a great service or product idea, but hadn’t narrowed down a specified target market – they felt the “world” needed their solution. Some of the individuals knew the problem they wanted to solve but didn’t connect to the deeper conflict their market could be experiencing. For example Apple did not set out to just provide the solution of a need for a computer, they solved a deeper problem – the fear of technology being difficult to use.

The way you win in the market today is not about having a better solution, but about being different. Whether that’s targeting a different angle of the problem your market has or creating a new problem that had not existed in their minds yet. Know that regardless the problem, there are different levels of conflict within it. We will have some fun unpacking that another day!

Today, I want to give you a couple questions to explore before you build out a plan for your new business.

Who is my target market?

What problem am I trying to solve for them?

Why am I wanting to solve this/Why is does this issue matter?

How am I going to solve this problem?

I highly recommend to have detailed answers to these questions before spending any money on building out any part of business. I’ve seen countless companies make the mistake of building out a website or launching marketing and advertising campaigns without specific and detailed answers to the questions above.

When a potential consumer sees any of your marketing they should instantly know how you will help them! The companies with the clearest answers solving the deepest level of conflict within that problem will win!

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